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Whistle-Blowing Policy

CHC is committed to strong corporate governance and does not tolerate any malpractice, statutory non-compliance or serious wrongdoing. As part of CHC’s values, the Board Members and the staff of CHC are expected to maintain high standards of corporate and personal ethics, honesty and integrity in fulfilling their responsibilities within all applicable laws and regulations.

We seek to promote a culture of openness and accountability, and this policy intends to establish a confidential avenue for reporting by employees or outside parties of such matters, without fear of any unfair treatment as a result of their report. It aims to reassure whistle-blowers that they would be protected from reprisals in respect of concerns raised in good faith.

Concerns or information regarding improper or illegal conduct within, by or under the control of CHC should preferably be provided in writing to whistleblow@chc.org.sg. Other channels of reporting are as detailed within the Whistle-Blowing Policy. You can read the full policy here.