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Sun Ho

Knowing Sun Ho

Sun Ho is the wife of Kong Hee, and they have been married since 1992. Together, they founded City Harvest Church, a thriving, contemporary congregation with affiliate churches throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

Born into a middle-income family, Sun was a jovial and carefree child for most of her growing-up years. Things changed when a period of abuse in her childhood caused her to spiral deep into severe depression and guilt. At 16, Sun heard the gospel and was introduced to Jesus as her Saviour and Lord. When she put her faith in Christ, she was filled with the presence and power of the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:4-5, 8; Acts 2:1-4). The Lord lifted her up from the abyss of hopelessness, bringing healing to her damaged soul, making her whole.

Deeply impacted by the love of God, Sun purposed in her heart to live for Christ and the gospel – to become a vessel of God’s love and blessings to others. When God called Kong to start CHC in 1989, Sun served as his assistant, doing all the necessary work to get their fledgling congregation off the ground. Gifted as a worship leader, administrator, and prophetic preacher, Sun soon earned the respect of all. At 21 years old, she was already travelling to the Philippines as a young evangelist, preaching in the villages and slums of Laoag and Iloilo City.

In 1996, Kong and Sun received the vision to make CHC into a “Church Without Walls” – a church that actively engages the local community, “to find a need and meet it, to find a hurt and heal it” (Mt 25:34-40). Together, they cofounded City Harvest Community Services Association in 1997, as a source of practical love and support to underprivileged children, youth-at-risk, the elderly, the intellectually-challenged, the hearing-impaired, and the terminally-ill. Today, CHCSA is reaching out to more than 3,000 families annually.

Sun Ho

In 2002, Kong began preaching on the cultural mandate, challenging Christians to engage contemporary culture with relevance, creatively reaching society with the love of Christ and the gospel (Gen 1:28; Mt 5:13-16; Jn 17:15-17). With the blessing of the congregation and the Church Board, Sun was commissioned to helm the Crossover Project, using pop music as a means of evangelism to the unchurched.

From 2002 to 2010, Sun worked with producers and songwriters such as Wyclef Jean, David Foster and Diane Warren, becoming the first Asian artist to have a series of #1 hits on the American Billboard Dance Chart. She also had the honour of performing the Olympic Anthem at a ceremony in the Forbidden City, a lead-up to the opening of the Beijing Olympic Games.

Sun performed live in over 100 concerts, to more than half a million people throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Moved by the testimony of her past struggle with depression, thousands gave their hearts to Jesus.

Sun’s foray into the pop arena also enabled her to reach the less fortunate communities in countries like Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and China, using the royalties from her albums to build rehabilitation centres, schools, and more. Her humanitarian efforts have also supplied relief aids to the Aceh tsunami crisis, Sichuan and Haiti earthquakes. Her outreach extended to Honduras in Central America, providing assistance to babies suffering from hydrocephalus.

Sun Ho

In 2003, Sun was named one of “The Outstanding Young Persons of the World” for her humanitarian efforts.

In 2004, in recognition of her contributions to the educational welfare of underprivileged children through the building of schools in China, Sun was named the “Ambassador of Love” for the Children and Youth Foundation of China.

Since 2010, Sun has been based in Singapore, tending to the church as it navigated through its most challenging period. Although she no longer sings in the secular industry, she last performed at the Seoul World Cup Stadium in 2011, before 66,700 in a Christian event hosted by her spiritual parents, Rev Dr and Mrs David Yonggi Cho.

Ordained in 2015 during City Harvest’s 26th Anniversary services, Sun has been the executive pastor of CHC, providing spiritual direction and oversight relating to the overall vision, functions, programmes, and services of the church. As the chief executive officer, she works with the Church Board, executive pastors, and staff, looking into every aspect of church life and organisation, to ensure the continued well-being of the church and its extended ministries.

In 2018, together with Rev Dr Bobby Chaw, Sun co-founded The Harvest Network, a fellowship of like-minded congregations around the region who share the CHC DNA. As a part of our spiritual family, these churches continue to make a difference through the preaching of the gospel, winning the lost for Christ and making disciples of all the nations (Mt 24:14; 28:19-20).