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Kong Hee

Reverence and Relevance.

These two words encapsulate the crux of Kong Hee’s life-transforming message to the masses: “Loving God Wholeheartedly and Loving People Fervently.”

There is much value in the simplicity of this maxim that effectively demonstrates the vertical aspect of the Cross—having a deep relationship and reverence for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; as well as the horizontal aspect—stepping out of the confines of our personal needs to meet the needs of others.

Preaching the gospel of Christ in a manner that is both progressive and heartfelt, Kong is a highly sought-after conference speaker worldwide, and his messages reach out to touch and minister to millions of lives through many multimedia platforms. Kong’s revelatory emphasis of the Great Commandment, the Great Commission and the Cultural Mandate resonates powerfully within 21st Century Christianity by inspiring believers everywhere to take on the mantle of Kingdom ambassadorship. Not just within the four walls of the church or within full-time ministry, but in whichever areas of society God has placed them in.

Kong Hee

Kong encourages his listeners to “engage culture” with the same servant heart that Jesus showed during His time on earth, and as a result, exact change on the norms, values and belief systems of our world today. This Cultural Mandate message has burned deep particularly within believers who are successful in the business arena and the entertainment world, giving them a Kingdom vision and purpose for the influence and voice that they have achieved in their respective communities. Many successful business people and celebrities have discovered a newfound passion for their secular endeavors, having gained from Kong the revelation that their success can empower them to be a more effective voice of influence—the “salt and light”—to a lost and dying world.

In the cosmopolitan nation of Singapore, Kong is the founder and senior pastor of City Harvest Church—a thriving, contemporary congregation in the heart of the city that actively impacts the marketplace and contributes to the well-being of society.

Kong Hee

“Kong, raise up a new generation of believers that will take the nations by storm!” It was this word from God that seized Kong’s heart for ministry, and in 1989, with barely a dollar to his name and just 20 youths on fire for Jesus, the City Harvest Church story began unfolding.

Relationship and discipleship has always been Kong’s focal aspect in the DNA of this ministry, and as he encouraged the congregation to reach out to the unchurched with the love of God, the lost began to find salvation in Christ and a church family in CHC. Through radical worship and Kong’s anointed preaching, CHC has grown from its humble beginnings to a congregation size of 16,202 in 2017, and has branch and affiliate churches, Bible schools, community and humanitarian agencies, and mission outreaches throughout the Asia-Pacific region. The church is recognized by many as one of the largest, most vibrant and influential congregations in Asia today.

In spite of all the busyness and ever-expanding work of his ministry, Kong continues to focus on the things that matter most in his heart—his wife Sun and his boy Dayan, and above all, his deep love and gratitude toward Jesus Christ. It is this deep and authentic relationship with his Abba Father that makes him more than a preacher, but a spiritual model to many of what it means to lay down your life and follow Christ.