Our Ministry

Harvest Kidz reaches more than 2,200 children through our weekly services of which 50 percent are from non-Christian families.

We are committed to provide a supportive learning environment where children are encouraged to take initiative and maximize their God-given potential. We provide a holistic curriculum suitable for the stimulation and development of multi-intelligences in every child, particularly in the following areas:







Our team of 12 dedicated staff are well-equipped to facilitate the developmental process of the children in our care. Qualifications among our staff members include two Masters of Education in Pre-School Teaching, a Master in Professional Counselling (Family Therapy), as well as years of experience in social work.

Together with a group of more than 400 volunteers, we organise exciting, fun-filled children’s programmes and activities weekly. We also conduct home visitations on a week-to-week basis, building strong bonds with parents and providing practical support whenever necessary.

Our History

The launch of this ministry was inspired out of a word from God to Pastor Kong and Sun — to build a “Church Without Walls” that loves God wholeheartedly and loves people fervently.

With vision and passion in her heart, Pastor Eileen Toh and a handful of volunteers reached out to children and families in the neighbourhoods. The pioneering team was inexperienced and unequipped, but through faith, prayer and sheer hard work, they connected with the families and brought the children to church.

That marked the beginning of Harvest Kidz.

Harvest Kidz began in 1996 with 60 children.

Many of these children became the first Christians in their families. Through their individual testimonies, as well as the dedicated outreach efforts of the Harvest Kidz team, their parents and siblings soon came to the saving knowledge of Christ as well.

Impacted by the love and fun they experienced in Harvest Kidz, the children also began reaching out to their classmates, neighbours and friends.

Our Events

Feb 13, 2020

In view of the increasing number of cases of COVID-19 this past week, we will NOT be having Harvest Kidz Services until further notice.

We are monitoring the situation closely and will keep you all updated.

Thank you for your kind understanding.





Our Services & Programmes

Service Timings

Weekend of Feb 27-28, 2021

There will be no Harvest Kidz Services until further notice.

Transport Service

Free transport is provided to bring children to our services and programmes, and back home. Befriending activities introduced on the buses enable the children to build their inter-personal skills and establish positive and meaningful friendships with our teachers and with one another.

Home Visitations

Our team of dedicated staff and trained volunteers conduct weekly home visitations to connect with the children and their families. Visitations help us to identify immediate needs that the children and their family might be facing, after which we can arrange to render practical help. We visit around 2,800 families every month.

Tuition Programme

The Harvest Kidz team of committed tutors aim to help children who seek to do better in their studies. Coaching is carried out by volunteers who follow our nation’s school curriculum closely.

There will be no SmartKidz Tuition Programme till further notice.

Be a Member!

Harvest Kidz Card

Every child who attends our programmes will receive a Harvest Kidz Card!

With this personalised membership card, you can accumulate reward points whenever you attend our Harvest Kidz service with your Bible! Accumulate enough points to be able to exchange them for gifts! Approach your Harvest Kidz teacher for more information.

Other Information

Volunteer Recruitment

We are looking for passionate and willing individuals with a heart to serve in Harvest Kidz! If you want to make a difference in the lives of the next generation, sign up today through your cell group!

For more information about Harvest Kidz, please feel free to email us or you can contact our Harvest Kidz staff Ms Adeline Wong at (65) 9127-9144 during office hours.