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Find a need and meet it ... find a hurt and heal it.

Our History

The launch of the Church Without Walls ministries in 1996 was inspired by a word from God to Pastor Kong and Sun—to build a “church without walls”; a church that loves God wholeheartedly and loves people fervently.

Armed with the vision, and compassion in our hearts, our team of staff and volunteers went to the neighbourhoods and reached out to children, the elderly, persons with special needs and their families. Many of these came from low income families, and many were broken and lonely. The pioneering team was inexperienced and unequipped, but through faith, prayer, passion and sheer hard work, we connected with the families, met their needs, and shared the love of God with them.

Fast forward 25 years later, there are many needs and hurts still out there and many broken lives that still need Jesus. We remain steadfast in our aim to bring the love of Christ outside the four walls of the church.

If you know of someone who needs befriending, emotional support or a helping hand, do write in to We would like to see how we can be of help to them.



Home visitations are a vital part of our outreach to children as it allows us to identify their needs and get to know their family background. Through financial assistance, tuition programmes and other fun activities, we engage the children in practical and effective ministry. Impacted by the love and fun they experience in Harvest Kidz, the children in turn reach out to their family, classmates, neighbours and friends. Our mission is to continue to love, care for and inspire the next generation to become all that God has created them to be.

70 VOLUNTEERS (age 18 & above) FULL
Commitment: Weekly

  • Reading
  • Weekend tuition
  • Weekday homework support
  • Helping kids with learning disability

Commitment: Twice a month

  • Adopt a family in need

Commitment: One time

  • Deliver 100 “Box of Love” to kids in low-income/single-parent families



The outreach to the elderly aims to bring the reality of Christ’s love into the lives of the seniors of society. Many of those we reach out to are barely able to care for their own basic needs, let alone go for their medical appointments. Through genuine and consistent care, coupled with practical aid, our ministry has helped and impacted the lives of many elderly, letting them know that God has not abandoned nor forsaken them.

Commitment: Twice a month

  • Accompaniment to buy/carry groceries (20 elderly)
  • Befriending (50 elderly)
  • Outreach to members’ unsaved parents (30 elderly)

Commitment: Once every two months

  • Training for caregivers & elderly (350 elderly)

Commitment: Once a month

  • Home cleaning (20 elderly)

Commitment: 2 Visits & 1 Outing/Wish

  • Elderly outing 出去走走 (50 elderly)
  • Christmas “Adopt A Wish” (250 elderly)

Persons with Special Needs

Persons with Special Needs

Jesus for All Minds (JAMs) aims to share and demonstrate the love and power of the gospel to individuals with special needs, giving them an opportunity to receive the salvation of Christ, develop a stronger sense of self-worth and live their lives to the fullest potential that God has purposed for them. As they learn to believe in themselves and grow in confidence, their talents and abilities are discovered. Some of our JAMs members have participated and won medals in the Special Olympics in Beijing and Greece, while others have performed on stage, and took part in art competitions.

150 VOLUNTEERS (age 18 & above)
Commitment: Twice a month

  • Befriending visits/calls/Zoom (300 PSNs)

Commitment: Two outings

  • Befriending outing (120 PSNs)

Commitment: One activity

  • Family bonding & care (12 families)



Our outreach to society’s youth-at-risk is one of befriending and mentoring young people who are more vulnerable to problem behaviours, substance abuse, involvement in gangs, fights and such. Understanding that several factors such as family background, need for identity, and a sense of acceptance and belonging all come into play, our aim is to provide guidance, pastoral care and a leg-up for youths to get on the path to overcoming their circumstances and building resilience. Our outreach also involves working with young ex-offenders, helping them integrate back to society.

15 VOLUNTEERS (age 25 & above) FULL
Commitment: Once a month

  • Face-to-face engagement

Commitment: Three times a month

  • Engage them through phone calls or video calls

Youth (Tuition Ministry)

Youth (Tuition Ministry)

It has become increasingly difficult for the youth of today to navigate adolescence, identity, academics and society’s expectations. Understanding that studies and school work play an important part in the “growing pains”, the Tuition Ministry aims to empower and aid the youth—specifically through tuition. Our volunteer tutors consist of undergrads and experienced tutors who are committed to helping students that need the additional academic support.

For students who require additional help with any subject in GCE N- or O-level syllabus.

15 VOLUNTEERS (age 19 & above) FULL
Commitment: Two times a week

  • Online tuition lessons

Volunteers must have tutoring experience; and be familiar with GCE N- and O-level syllabi

Unwed Mothers (Nurturing Circle)

Unwed Mothers (Nurturing Circle)

Through Nurturing Circle, we hope to reach out to unwed mothers who struggle with their pregnancy, motherhood and finances. Research has shown that maternal vulnerability affects the mental and emotional well-being of the mother, as well as the development of the unborn child. So, we hope to be a community of support to these mothers who are feeling vulnerable, fearful or alone.

50 VOLUNTEERS (female and preferably mothers, age 25 and above) FULL
Commitment: Once every 2 weeks (over a period of 4 months)

  • Journey with the unwed mother throughout the pregnancy till birth
  • Provide emotional support and practical help, such as, accompanying the unwed mother for medical check-ups, buying groceries and baby necessities

Commitment: At least 6 months

  • To open a nurturing home environment and a temporary shelter for mother and child

Children/Persons with Special Needs (The Blessing Project)

Children/Persons with Special Needs (The Blessing Project)

Special dates and occasions are very important and remembering them is one way we can connect and build genuine relationships with one another.

Some people may have never had their birthday celebrated before, while others may not have the means to do so. The Blessing Project aims to show love and care to children and persons with special needs from low-income and needy families by celebrating their birthday with a cake and gift. We want to let them know that they are special and valued!

20 VOLUNTEERS (who drive and have their own vehicle) FULL
Commitment: Once a month

  • To pick up and deliver the birthday cake to the address of the birthday girl/boy

40 YOUTH VOLUNTEERS (age 16 and above) FULL
Commitment: Once a month

  • To buy Birthday gift
  • To collect Birthday cake from driver at the housing block
  • Surprise Birthday boy/girl by at his/her home

City H❤️mes – Homes with a Heart

City H❤️mes (Homes with a Heart)

Every child deserves a loving home. A foster home offers vulnerable children the opportunity to grow up in a healthy family environment. Foster care is not adoption, rather, it is a temporary arrangement to meet the emergency care and needs of a child. Our hope is that through foster families in CHC, vulnerable children will benefit from a safe, stable and nurturing Christian home environment, and eventually be able to grow up in their forever home to fulfil their God-given potential.

10 FOSTER FAMILIES (married couple to be at least 25 years old, living in Singapore, with stable income & medically fit)
Commitment: 4-6 months

  • Provide a nurturing home environment and care for children of all ages (babies, older children, teenagers, sibling sets, those with special needs)

Applicants will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

20 VOLUNTEERS (age 21 and above) FULL
Commitment: Once a month

  • Support foster parents
  • Bring foster children for outings

Volunteers and foster families need to attend the Foster Care Awareness Talk held on 8 Oct (Fri), 8pm via Zoom.



Sex workers are among the most marginalised and discriminated against in society. Yet, many of these women in the sex industry are vulnerable to sexual abuse, health risks and physical assault. Because they are typically shunned and frowned upon, many are often afraid to come forward to seek help. Just as Jesus had compassion for the outcasts of society, we too, hope to reach out to them with the love of Christ by befriending them, providing practical and emotional support, conducting workshops and English classes, and so on. Our aim is to show them that they are of value and worth in God’s eyes.

20 VOLUNTEERS (Female, age 25 and above) FULL
Commitment: Twice a month (over a period of 4 months)

  • Befriending
  • Conducting workshops such as English classes
  • Alternative job placements
  • Financial aid and medical assistance

NEW Cancer Care Group

Cancer Care Group

According to statistics in Singapore, about 39 people are diagnosed with cancer every day, and 1 in 4 people may develop cancer in their lifetime. Thankfully, advancements in treatment and screening have led to early detection and timely treatment, thereby reducing cancer mortality rates. However, stress and anxiety for the patient and family can be overwhelming; many struggle to cope with emotionally, mentally and financially. Our Cancer Care Group hopes to journey with cancer patients and their caregivers; to offer practical and financial help to cancer patients who struggle with the cost of medical treatments and possibly, loss of income.

40 VOLUNTEERS (age 18 & above)
Commitment: Twice a month

  • Befriending
  • Offer practical help
  • Emotional support

NEW My Fellow Workers

My Fellow Workers

Low wage migrant workers in our midst are far from their homes and families. They work long hours and often, under tough conditions. You would find that although they live in communities, many of them actually feel alone and homesick. As such, My Fellow Workers is an initiative to reach out to migrant workers, as well as foreign domestic helpers, to befriend them, offer practical help where needed, and organise meaningful activities and events that they can participate in.

20 VOLUNTEERS (age 21 and above)
Commitment: Once a month

  • Befriending
  • Connecting with them in small groups or over meals

40 VOLUNTEERS (age 21 and above)
Commitment: Once a month

  • Conduct outreach programmes and activities in workers’ dormitories

Volunteers have to be fully vaccinated and willing to take ART (Antigen Rapid Test) before every activity

Be A CWW Volunteer

Extend God’s love to someone in need. Volunteer with us and make a difference to others.

Financial Assistance

In trying times, it helps to know that you’re not alone. We want to lend a helping hand.