Baby Dedication
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On-site Baby Dedication

24 Jun 2023, Sat 5pm
25 Jun 2023, Sun 10am

Children are a precious gift from God. At City Harvest, we encourage our parents to dedicate their babies (24 months & below) to God as a sign of their commitment to raise the child in the ways of the Lord. A Baby Dedication Class (required), conducted via Zoom by the CFAM team, will help parents understand the significance of baby dedication.

Members who would like to dedicate their babies (24 months & below as at Jun 2023) may register below. The Zoom link for the classes will be sent out on 15 May 2023, Mon.

Registration is closed.

Please also note that as the Baby Dedication Class is an online event, by participating in this event, you agree and consent to Zoom’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.