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Updates on e-tickets for on-site services

5 Feb 2021

Dear Church,

Our hybrid model of weekly online and on-site services has been in operation for just over a month, and we are glad to hear that many of you are enjoying the experience of coming back to church again!

  1. To date, tickets for our on-site services have been distributed through a randomised E-Ballot system, with a 4-week break imposed on those who successfully receive a ticket. This restriction was put in place to help give more of our members a chance to attend service live at Suntec.
  2. However, we realised that 4 weeks is a very long wait for you to ballot again. So we lifted the restriction, allowing everyone to ballot weekly. We then received feedback that those who have yet to attend even one on-site service now have an even lesser chance of obtaining a successful ballot.
  3. In our continuing effort to cater to the needs of our congregation, we will be trying a new approach — The Zone Allocation E-Ticketing System — from the weekend of 20-21 Feb onwards.
  4. Every week, a number of e-tickets for each service will be allocated to specific zones. This new system allows your Pastoral Supervisor and cell group leader to allocate tickets with greater intentionality, ensuring everyone gets an equal chance to receive a ticket AND giving cell group members the opportunity to attend service together. For further details, please contact your Pastoral Supervisor or cell group leader.
  5. For those of you who want to enjoy our on-site experience but do not belong to a cell group, we have made provisions for you! Please visit ticket.chc.org.sg/request to apply for a ticket in an upcoming service. These will be given out on a first-come, first-served basis.

We appreciate your support and patience, and it is our deepest prayer that CHC will continue to remain strong, resilient and united, by the grace of God, as we adapt to doing church in this new normal.

In Christ,
The CHC Management Board

P.S. From 20-21 Feb onwards, our Harvest Kidz support services for children 4 to 12 years of age will resume on-site during 2 service timings each weekend (Sat 5pm and Sun 10am).