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CHC in Phase 2 of Post-Circuit Breaker Measures

Jun 20, 2020

Dear Church,

We are so happy to celebrate with you as our nation successfully progresses from Phase 1 to Phase 2 of our Post-Circuit Breaker measures.

This phase will see the reopening of many business activities such as retail outlets and F&B establishments, including, yes, bubble tea. However, entertainment and exhibition venues like Suntec remain closed and large-scale events like concerts are still prohibited during Phase 2. This applies to religious services for large congregations as well.

How will CHC function in Phase 2?

  1. Official Church Activities, e.g. Cell Group Meetings, Weekend Services, Churchwide Bible Study
    Places of worship can gradually resume more religious activities. The Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) has indicated that religious organizations must put in place safe management measures that reduce the density, intensity and duration of physical interactions during our activities. These include:

    • Services with not more than 50 congregants, excluding a minimal number of religious and supporting workers
    • Keeping a 1-meter distance between individual worshipers. Where not feasible, this requirement can instead be enforced between groups, with each group made up of not more than 5 persons
    • Services must be kept short
    • No singing or other live performances are allowed. Singing is considered a higher risk activity as it could potentially release a larger amount of saliva droplets
    • No sharing of items, e.g. no passing of communion elements or offering bucket
    • Face masks must be worn at all times by everyone present. The preacher may wear a face shield while preaching and keep a 1-meter distance from other persons

    CHC considers praise and worship, praying in tongues and laying on of hands as integral elements of our church service. After much discussion between the pastors and management of the church, we have decided that all official CHC activities will remain online for the time being. This includes all weekend services, cell group meetings, leaders’ meetings, Bible study sessions and churchwide Bible study. School of Theology classes will also remain online for the time being, given the restrictions regarding singing and physical contact.

  2. Ceremonies, e.g. Weddings, Funerals

    • In Phase 2, weddings can now be conducted with 20 persons present (an increase from 10 in Phase 1)
    • Marriage solemnization can be conducted in person, although online solemnization is encouraged
    • Funerals can be conducted with 20 persons present, excluding the preacher and a minimal number of funeral staff
  3. Recording and Broadcast of Religious Services
    The MCCY has stipulated that the recording and broadcast of online services is encouraged for the safety of our congregants, and have provided clear guidelines for such recordings. Therefore, we will resume the filming of CHC’s various services at our Jurong West building with the following in mind:

    • A maximum of only 10 persons can be involved in an official recording with strict safe distancing measures
    • The safe distancing plans undertaken by the church for these recordings must be submitted for MCCY approval
    • Recording sessions should be kept short with minimal socialising
  4. All Other Gatherings
    Please be aware that during Phase 2, our government has indicated that we must all abide by these safe-distancing measures:

    • Ensure safe distancing of at least 1-meter at all times
    • If safe distancing is not feasible, the 1-meter requirement can be enforced between groups, if group sizes do not exceed 5 people
    • There should be no mixing between groups
    • This applies to all small-group social gatherings and households, who may receive only up to 5 visitors at any one time

As we slowly resume our precious times of fellowship together, do remember to adhere to the restrictions above in order to keep our friends, our family members and ourselves safe!

In his series on “The Love of Jesus”, Pastor Kong has taught us that love is patient, love is kind, and love always protects. So as we cautiously enter Phase 2 with fewer restrictions, let’s exercise our freedom in LOVE. Let’s always have each other’s interest in mind. If you are not feeling well, please do not meet up. Remember to wear your mask whenever you are out. And if you are visiting your friend at home, do ensure that their family members are comfortable with you doing so.

Let’s keep praying together that the situation will continue to improve so much that we can meet in church as a congregation very soon! In the meantime, let’s be faithful to carry on gathering online for church services, cell group meetings and churchwide Bible studies.

In Christ,
The CHC Management Team

For more information regarding the resumption of religious activities in Phase 2, please refer to MCCY website.

CHC in Phase 2 of Post-Circuit Breaker Measures