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Six Disqualified, But May Continue Religious Duties

May 25, 2017

Dear Family in Christ,

Yesterday afternoon, CHC was informed of notices from the Commissioner of Charities sent to Pastor Kong, Pastor Tan, Serina, Sharon, John, Chew Eng Han, Teo Meng How and Jacqueline Tan. The eight were notified of the status of removal, which was pending till the end of the trial and appeal.

In summary, the COC will not continue with the removal proceedings against the individuals. Under the Charities Act, Section 27(1)(a), the six—Pastor Kong, Pastor Tan, Serina, Sharon, John and Chew Eng Han— are disqualified “from being a governing board member or key officer of a charity or a trustee for a charity as they have been convicted of offences involving dishonesty or deception.”

This means that none of the six can be a trustee or board member of any charity, nor can they be a key officer, which is someone who has control or management of the administration of the charity, whether he is an employee or not.

However, the COC has also stated that all of them “may continue to perform their religious duties. The services of the Charity can continue as usual.” This would mean that with the consent from COC the seven individuals—Pastor Kong, Pastor Tan, Serina, Sharon, John, Teo Meng How and Jacqueline Tan—could continue to perform their pastoral or religious duties within CHC.

For instance, with permission from COC, Pastor Kong could continue his role of teaching and preaching as Senior Pastor when he returns.

The COC also wrote in its press release that in the case of Teo Meng How and Jacqueline Tan, it has decided to issue stern warning letters to them, instead of removing them.

We understand and accept the reasoning of the COC in this matter, and will be working closely with the COC to ensure that while CHC serves its God-given purpose, the church is also protected at all times.

We ask members to continue praying for the five who are now serving their time, for their families, and for Church. Let’s unite to make CHC a wiser, stronger and better church.

In Christ,

Bobby Chaw
Executive Pastor
City Harvest Church