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Message to Congregation

July 14, 2016

Dear Church,

As you might have read in mainstream media recently, Chew Eng Han, CHC’s former fund manager and one of the six in the criminal trial, has filed a report with the Commercial Affairs Department against eight individuals related to CHC, including Pastor Kong and Sun.

We feel it is important to share with our members the preceding events that led up to this complaint.

(a) On 30 June 2016, Chew Eng Han e-mailed a letter to our lawyers, JLC Advisors LLP, notifying CHC that he intends to commence civil proceedings against “CHC and its employees/officials/agents” for “various fraudulent misrepresentations” which had allegedly caused or induced him to give his efforts and money to CHC. Mr Chew claimed that he had suffered “financial damage which is recoverable via a civil suit” and that he was also “seeking advice” on the other possible steps that he could take.

(b) On 7 July 2016, JLC responded to Mr Chew. As Mr Chew had not raised any facts to substantiate his allegations, JLC took the view that these were nothing more than “bare” allegations. In addition, Mr Chew had left CHC since 21 June 2013, so his allegations appear to be based on previous matters that had already been covered in the criminal trial and/or CHC’s civil suit against Mr Chew for the $21 million he owes to the church.

(c) As Mr Chew had stated to JLC that he was “seeking advice”, coupled with the fact that he is currently legally represented in the civil suit, JLC invited Mr Chew to instruct his solicitors to formally write to JLC “as soon as possible”. However, there has been no further correspondence from Mr Chew and/or his solicitors.

(d) On 11 July 2016, and contrary to Mr Chew’s indication that he was seeking to recover “financial damage … via a civil suit”, JLC and CHC were informed that a blogpost had claimed that Mr Chew had instead lodged a criminal report with the Commercial Affairs Department against 8 individuals connected with CHC. No criminal complaint has been made against the church.

(e) On 13 July 2016, JLC and CHC were contacted by a reporter from one of the mainstream media agencies for their comments on Mr Chew’s CAD complaint. However, we were unable to do so, given that neither CHC nor JLC have actually seen the complaint. Later that same day, JLC was also contacted by numerous other media agencies for comment about the same document.

(f) Given that the CAD complaint seems to arise from the same facts as Mr Chew’s allegations, it appears that the matters raised in his latest complaint have already been raised in the ongoing criminal and civil proceedings. The appeals in relation to the criminal proceedings and part of the civil suit are to be heard over the next two months.

While we don’t know at this point what CAD will decide, the management and employees of CHC will continue to render our fullest cooperation to the authorities, if called upon.

In the meantime, please continue to pray for the six and their families as their appeal will take place in September. And as Romans 12:12 says, let us rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation and continue steadfastly in prayer.

In Christ,
Bobby Chaw
Executive Pastor