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Recovery Of Funds From AMAC: CHC's Stand On Allegations

December 18, 2014

Dear Church,

We note that there was a media report this morning on the ongoing proceedings by CHC against AMAC Capital Partners Pte Ltd and Chew Eng Han, mentioning various allegations made by Chew in his defence. We would like to state that CHC does not agree with the allegations made by Chew. The church has filed a reply on 9 December 2014 to deny Chew’s allegations. These issues are now pending determination by the Court.

You would have already read from our earlier statements on 11 December and 13 December what our church’s position is on the ongoing proceedings. Please refer to and direct our members to these statements on our website at chc.org.sg.

We hope you will pray in agreement with us that this issue will be solved in the best way possible. We wish everyone a very peaceful and blessed Christmas.

Yours faithfully,

Management Board
City Harvest Church