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Defense Case To Begin In July

May 5, 2014

Dear CHC Family,

Today in court, Presiding Judge See Kee Oon announced that the defense will be called to present their case for the six in the CHC trial.

What this means is that at this point, the prosecution has raised sufficient information to make out their case. The judge will need to hear the defense’s side of the story in relation to what the prosecution has said.

Therefore he has asked for the defense to present their case so that he can make his ultimate decision.

Please continue to pray and trust the Lord for the best outcome for the six whose case will be heard starting July 14.

We trust that God will protect and guide them as they give their testimony on the stand in the coming months, and we pray that in all circumstances the Lord shall be glorified.

In Christ,

Rev Aries Zulkarnain
Executive Pastor
City Harvest Church