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Yoido Full Gospel Church’s Statement To Its Church Members
(February 23, 2014)

To the members of our church

This is to inform you our members concerning the results of the trial pertaining to our church held on February 20 (Thursday).

  1. With regard to the documents which were approved a while back, a judgment has been made by the judiciary. We sincerely apologize for bringing anxiety to all of the members who have loved our church and prayed about all of the matters related to this situation. From this day forward all us who are related to this matter will try our best to prevent something like this from happening again.
  2. More than anything, we can’t stop expressing our deepest apologies towards our members and to our spiritual teacher and leader Pastor Yonggi Cho for our inability in properly aiding him. We promise to sincerely do our best to ensure that Pastor Cho’s ministry will be carried out well within God’s grace. We urge our members to also continue praying for Pastor Cho’s health and ministry.
  3. For the past 56 years, Yoido Full Gospel Church has never ceased its ministry of saving souls by preaching the gospel and helping the poor and needy, despite the many difficulties that the church has been through. In light of this incidence, we would like to put our past behind and set our sights on the bright future as we move forward in faith to lead in the sharing and practicing of love. To accomplish this, we dearly need your prayers. We beseech you to pray for the church more fervently and more earnestly.

February 23, 2014 (Sunday)
Yoido Full Gospel Church Senior Pastor Young-hoon Lee, Pastors and Members of the Board