The Passion Pursuit 2018

Check out all 13 workshops. Registration period: Feb 14 - 28, 2018.


Trainer: Gin Lam
Class size: Capped at 100 participants

Your hands and feet have got a mind of their own when the music’s turned on. You just can’t help it but your body’s got to move and groove to the beat. You’ve got the dancer bug in you! Sign up for this energy-driven, heart pulsating workshop and have lots of fun with those power moves!

Sign up if ...

  • You don’t have two left feet.
  • You are able to follow simple choreographed routines.
  • You can make it for the audition on May 3, 2018 (Thursday) at 8.30 p.m. in Suntec Singapore, Level 6, Room 606-D&E.


Trainer: Jaslynn Khoo & Sandy Yeo
Class size: Capped at 30 participants

You’ve seen the class act drama productions put up by our Drama Ministry; here’s an opportunity to learn basic acting skills and techniques from them. If you have a desire and an interest in acting, or you want to know what it takes to produce and direct your zone’s own drama production, sign up to learn from the experienced directors and actors of the Drama Ministry.

You will need to have ...

  • Confidence and a passion for all things drama.
  • Prior stage experience will be beneficial, but not a prerequisite.

Emcee & Hosting

Trainer: Bernard Loh
Class size: Capped at 30 participants

One brave soul. One big mouth. One awesome show. If you have a flair for hosting on stage, sign up to learn how to speak to the masses, learn some tips on how to “create” content and learn the art of entertaining a crowd.

This is for you if ...

  • You are not afraid to speak in front of a crowd.
  • You have an irritating ... sorry, an interesting personality.

Events Planning

Trainer: Alicia Leo
Class size: Capped at 30 participants

We’ve all attended events and there are some that have left us with a lasting impression. An enormous amount of planning, preparation and management go into making an event a successful one. In this very useful workshop, learn how to plan a zone camp or a zone meeting and bring it all together like clockwork. Be armed with the tools you need to pull it off like a pro!


Trainer: Nicholas Goh & Amy Tan
Class size: Capped at 20 participants

This is a call for the creative and out-of-the-box thinkers, the ones with a keen attention to colors, fonts and spacing. Delve into the fundamental concepts and skills of graphic design, advertising and publication. Explore the creative impact of choosing typefaces with hands-on projects to explore aesthetic and communicational aspects of design.

All you need is ...

  • A laptop with “Trial Version of Creative suite CC” pre-installed.

Introduction to Audio Engineering

Trainer: Lee Shuxia
Class size: Capped at 20 participants

Enjoy attending live concerts? Fascinated by the sounds in a movie? Want to be equipped to help your zone events? Discover your passion and talent in this area when you sign up to learn more about audio engineering.

Suitable for you if ...

  • You have a keen sense of hearing and enjoy paying attention to details.
  • You are a logical thinker and interested in helping out at your zone events.

Introduction to Makeup Ministry

Trainer: Cindy Ng
Class size: Capped at 12 participants

Everyone is born beautiful. Learn how to enhance that God-given beauty in others using the fundamentals of makeup. You will learn the basics of makeup artistry in this course, and maybe even begin the journey of becoming a makeup artist one day!

What you need ...

  • Your own makeup products and brushes: liquid foundation, loose powder, eyeliner, lipstick, blusher, mascara, eyelash curler, brushes.
  • Your own face model.
  • Optional items: concealer, eyeshadow, eye primer, fake eyelash, eyelash glue, contouring palette.


Trainer: Theresa Tan & Dawn Seow
Class size: No limit to the number of participants

How would you like to create your very own EMERGE Edition of City News? Come and learn how to put together articles for print and online media. Master how to “sniff out a lead,” and “find an angle.” Work with like-minded geniuses in Photography and Graphics and see your name in print when City News: EMERGE Edition comes out during the Emerge Conference this July!

What you need ...

  • A good attitude, a curious mind, boldness, creativity and a reasonable command of English!
  • Preferably a laptop or mobile device to write on.
  • A notebook and pen.

Media Post-Production Workshop

Trainer: Danielle Ho
Class size: Capped at 30 participants

How do you capture moments on video and piece them together into a story? Find out as we take you from conceptualization to production (i.e. filming) to post-production (i.e. editing).

What you need ...

  • Your own camera (handphone will do too).
  • A computer with basic video editing software..


Trainer: Mark Kwan & Caroline Tjen
Class size: Capped at 30 participants

Do you have a knack for poetic expression or do you have new melodies coming out from within? If this is your jam and you want to be equipped with some basic tools for the craft, then this songwriting workshop is for you. You will get the opportunity to learn the basics of songwriting and submit an individual or group composition. Selected compositions will receive mentorship.

What is required?

  • A passion for conveying thoughts and emotions through song.
  • Basic guitar or keyboard skills and a knowledge of music theory will be useful, but not a must.

Visual Communications

Trainer: Juslin Guo & Jeffrey Choong
Class size: Capped at 30 participants

The art of visual communications lies not just in capturing the audience’s attention, but also their comprehension. Come join us to learn basic design theory and how to craft eye-catching presentations that will score your classmates’ and your teacher’s attention!

This is for you if ...

  • You are 18 years and below.
  • You love beautiful things!
  • You have not undergone any design course.
  • You have a laptop (preferably a Mac) or a smart phone.


Trainer: Annabel Soh & Alison Yap

Get out of the shower and unleash that voice within! Enlarge your vocal capacity with basic vocal techniques taught in this workshop.

We need you ...

  • To have a reasonably good ear for pitch and desire to learn about your voice! Join in the fun to sing with us!

Worship Leading

Trainer: Teo Poh Heng & Ps. Lim Jun Xian
Class size: Capped at 30 participants

You simply love dwelling in the presence of God through worship. And because you’ve received a touch from heaven, your desire is to see others have their own spiritual encounters with Jesus as well.

This is open to ...

  • Connect Group Coordinators.
  • Those who aspire to lead praise and worship in your zone meetings and camps.
  • You, if you are not toned deaf and you think you can sing reasonably well.