The Team

Pastor Wu Yuzhuang

Years In Ministry: Since 1997
Instagram: @wuyuzhuang
Previous CCA: Harmonica
Food: Beef
Drink: Coffee
Music: Jazz
Book: Bible
Hobby: Jogging
Superhero Skill: Cooking

Pastor Edmund Tay

Years In Ministry: Since 2000
Instagram: @edunloaded
Previous CCA: NCC and Soccer
Food: Fried Chicken
Drink: Coke Zero
Music: Christian music
Book: Christian Books
Hobby: Playing with my children
Superhero Skill: Movie Marathon Expert

Pastor Lee Yi Lun

Years In Ministry: Since 2006
Instagram: @lunshines23
Previous CCA: Red Cross and Audio Visual Club
Food: Anything spicy
Drink: Fruit juices
Music: Classical
Book: Spiritual books
Hobby: Having yummy desserts
Superhero Skill: “Inventing” games to play with my children

Catherine Lee

Years In Ministry: Since 2011
Instagram: @cath_lyp
Previous CCA: NPCC
Food: Korean
Drink: Coke
Music: Instrumental
Book: Inspirational
Hobby: Learning
Superhero Skill: Superhuman Endurance

Ee Zhen Ying

Years in Ministry: Since 2010
Instagram: @eezhenying
Previous CCA: NPCC
Food: Pizza and Sushi
Drink: Golden bubble milk tea, 25% sugar and a little bit of pearls
Music: Music from the 90s
Book: Christian books
Hobby: Viu and Netflix
Superhero Skill: Tetris Expert

Johann Sim

Years in Ministry: Since 1999
Instagram: @johann_sim
Previous CCA: Rugby, Soccer and Student Council
Food: Beef steak
Drink: Ice Coffee
Music: CityWorship
Book: Today’s Masterpiece (John Maxwell)
Hobby: Watching movies
Superhero Skill: Ability to slay people with lame jokes

Josephine Lim

Years In Ministry: Since 2002
Instagram: @josephinelim
Previous CCA: I joined too many, I can’t remember which are the official ones…Oops!
Food: Everything when I’m fasting and nothing when it’s a buffet
Drink: Water
Music: My two girls’ chatter, cackles, chuckles!? R-e-a-l-l-y???
Book: Reading people. Come, let’s get connected!
Hobby: Will update when I find the time
Superhero Skill: Am I even one?

Kelvin Tan

Years In Ministry: Since 2010
Instagram: @kelvintlh
Previous CCA: NCC
Food: Meepok and Caifan
Drink: Kickapoo Joy Juice
Music: Christian music
Book: Tuesday With Morris and Narnia
Hobby: TV, board games and all kinds of sports
Superhero Skill: Ability to merge with my bed/sofa when I binge watch shows

Leila Tan

Years In Ministry: Since 2010
Instagram: @thehealthylei
Previous CCA: Girl Guides
Food: Veggie lasagne
Drink: Ice mocha with almond milk
Music: Coldplay and Bethel
Book: The Time Traveller’s Wife
Hobby: Reading
Superhero Skill: Make awesome smoothie bowls

Ong Wei Ren

Years In Ministry: Since 2009
Instagram: @weiren_
Previous CCA: NCC
Food: 菜饭
Drink: Pocari Sweat
Music: Bethel
Book: N.T. Wright
Hobby: Jogging
Superhero Skill: Being alone on an island forever (but with wifi)

Pauline Kong

Years In Ministry: Since 2010
Instagram: @pauline_kong
Previous CCA: Choir
Food: Mala Xiang Guo, Tom Yam soup and minced meat noodles
Drink: Milo and warm water
Music: Worship Songs
Book: Books on Christianity, Marriage and Parenting
Hobby: Reading, watching YouTube and listening to podcasts
Superhero Skill: Cooking

Wayne Choong

Years in Ministry: Since 2012
Instagram: @choongw
Previous CCA: Debate Society
Food: 饺子
Drink: Teh Siew Dai
Music: Currently – Crystals (OMAM)
Book: Currently – The God Who Won’t Let Go (Peter G.Van Breemen)
Hobby: Daydreaming
Superhero Skill: Taking Wei Ren’s nonsense!