Monthly Testimony

March 2018

Hi leaders. My name is Karuna and I am from KEL zone. I am thankful for the opportunity to share a testimony about my cell group, W547.

Back in 2016, my cell group leader, Joel, encouraged me to lead a youth meeting on my own, for the secondary school students alone. That was also the beginning of my cell group leading journey, where I had to take the different segments on my own, such as Praise & Worship as well as the preaching of the Word.

In March 2016, we started our very first youth meeting, with only 4 secondary school students in the cell group. For that meeting, although only 2 of them showed up, we had a new friend that joined us. From the first meeting to the next meeting that was held in June, my members were constantly encouraged to reach out to their friends and over the Easter period, 2 new friends were being integrated into the cell group. And so in the second youth meeting, 6 secondary school students and 2 new friends attended. Praise God!

Fast forward to February 2017, I challenged my members to bring 5 friends for our first Emerge night for that year. However, they went beyond what I asked for, and they brought a total of 10 friends instead! Of those 10 friends, there was one whom I personally invited. He was a Sec 1 boy and despite only knowing him on that same day, I felt led to ask what were his plans in the evening and when he said that he was free, I invited him to join us for Emerge. To my surprise, he did not hesitate at all, and was even enthusiastic about it when I shared with him what Emerge is about. This made me realise that it is actually very easy to reach out to youths, and I remember telling my helper “see, inviting new friend is as simple as opening your mouth to just ask!” That night, the boy that I reached out to accepted Christ into His heart and enjoyed himself thoroughly!

A month later, I planned an outreach event to Sentosa and got my members to invite their friends who had joined us for Emerge. Although only 3 members could make it, they brought a total of 13 friends! Praise God!

For July’s Emerge conference, even though I was studying overseas and was not around for Emerge, I am really thankful to God because a total of 22 friends joined us that weekend!! Praise God! And of the 22 friends, 4 of them have been integrated into our cell group!

In September, 11 friends came to join us for Emerge night, and all of them got saved! Of the 11, 2 secondary school boys were personally brought by me, and they have also been fully integrated into the cell group! I really believe that God can use even us leaders, to reach out to the lost youths!

I am thankful to God that my members are soul-winners, and are bold to go all out to invite their friends too!

Jesus says, “The harvest truly is plentiful, but the labourers are few.” I just want to encourage all of us here tonight, especially if you feel discouraged seeing that your CG is still small, and there’s no growth. Don’t give up! Keep praying to the Lord of the harvest, and keep encouraging your members to reach out, because there are many youths out there who are hungry and searching for God!