Monthly Testimony

April 2018

Hi Emerge, my name is Jeff. I am from CL Zone and my Cell Group is E552. I want to thank God for this opportunity to share my testimony with all of you today.

My father passed away when I was very young. My mum moved to JB after she got re-married. I have a sister but both of us live separately. She lives with my uncle’s family while I live with another aunt. Without a father figure in my life, I often felt insecure and ashamed. I suffered from low self-esteem and became a person who was very closed up.

Jeff Testimony

I did fairly well for PSLE and got into the Express stream in Secondary School. However, things started to change when I entered Secondary School. I was often left alone without supervision because my aunt had to work during the day. As a result, I had all the freedom to do what I wanted after school. I would hang around in school with my friends, or be at home surfing the web, watching YouTube videos.

As I was practically alone all the time, by and by, I became unmotivated to study. Hence, my results were greatly affected.

After a while, my aunt moved out and went to Malaysia to work. I started living alone in the apartment and had to travel into JB at least once a month on my own to collect my monthly allowance from my Mom. Often, I would not have enough money to buy food and I had to starve. I felt abandoned and neglected but I couldn't share any of these feelings with anyone as I feared I would be looked down upon.

Due to my bad results, I dropped from the Express stream to the Normal Academic stream by the end of Secondary 2. I remained unmotivated and lazy. It even got to a point where I gave up on my studies and started skipping school. My results got so bad to a point that I had to retain another year at the end of Secondary 3. Around this time, I was invited to City Harvest and I was very touched by the love of God. I received Jesus into my heart but there was so much to be done within me.

Jeff Testimony

I continued to be unmotivated and lazy and I still hid the truth about my family and myself from my Cell Group leader and members.

I was nonchalant about my poor results and poor school attendance all the way until June last year when I was already in Secondary 4. I was not ready to take my N-levels in September. In desperation, my teachers contacted my sister for help. In turn, my sister contacted my Cell Group Leader in hope that those who are closer to me could encourage and motivate me. At the same time, my Cell Group Leader also found out that I had been living alone all by myself all these while.

My Zone Supervisor, Cate, got to know about my situation. She rallied the members in the Zone to tutor me in my studies. She even opened up her house for me to go over to study every Monday and prepared home cooked food for me! I thank God and thank Cate for that!

Things started to change with all these help rendered to me. I began to feel the urgency to work hard for my N-levels and prayed that God would remove the fear in me for my exams. I was very touched and motivated by my various Zone members who forked out their time to tutor me in spite of their busy schedule. I could see God’s goodness, kindness and love embedded in the practical love from these people.

I determined in my heart and made a prayer to God that I would be more disciplined in my studies and be teachable not just academically but also in my character. I took my N-levels, holding on to the Word of God from Jeremiah 29:11 that says, “For I know the thoughts that I think towards you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.

When N-level results were released, I was overjoyed that I had obtained 15 points for my EMB3.

Praise the Lord! From a boy who wasn’t disciplined in his studies and had failed multiple times, God has certainly worked a miracle for me.

Right now, I’m in the DPP path, doing a 2-year higher Nitec course in hospitality operation before going to Polytechnic.

On hindsight, God has been working behind the scene to reveal the imperfection in my life and turning it into a beautiful story. From a mess, God turned my life into a message! I thank God for giving me another chance to work hard. He is certainly a God of second chance and a God who loves us enough to see us grow, even if it means going through painful lessons and seasons. It is true that those who worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth. He has set me free to walk in liberty and victory!

God has made me a better person by molding my character through that trying period. I am now very regular in my attendance in school. Not only that, God also set me in a leadership position as a class rep.

I have gained much favor and opportunities from my teachers and I even participated in 2 competitions in school and won prizes for both!

I am going to participate in a nationwide entrepreneurship competition in June! It is a rare opportunity that my teacher has offered to me.

I just want to thank my Zone Supervisor, Cate, my Cell Group Leader, Lipps and my various friends in the Cell Group and Zone for being there for me. I really appreciate all of their support when I needed it most. Thank you for being there for me and loving me.

Ultimately, I want to thank Father God! For those of you who are like me, who feel that life has no hope or meaning because of your broken family situation, because of your failing grades, and because of your past, I want to encourage you to open up your heart to Jesus and let Him bring a turn around in your life. God has a great future for you, and He has thoughts to give you peace and hope in your life!


March 2018

Hi leaders. My name is Karuna and I am from KEL zone. I am thankful for the opportunity to share a testimony about my cell group, W547.

Back in 2016, my cell group leader, Joel, encouraged me to lead a youth meeting on my own, for the secondary school students alone. That was also the beginning of my cell group leading journey, where I had to take the different segments on my own, such as Praise & Worship as well as the preaching of the Word.

Karuna Testimony

In March 2016, we started our very first youth meeting, with only 4 secondary school students in the cell group. For that meeting, although only 2 of them showed up, we had a new friend that joined us. From the first meeting to the next meeting that was held in June, my members were constantly encouraged to reach out to their friends and over the Easter period, 2 new friends were being integrated into the cell group. And so in the second youth meeting, 6 secondary school students and 2 new friends attended. Praise God!

Fast forward to February 2017, I challenged my members to bring 5 friends for our first Emerge night for that year. However, they went beyond what I asked for, and they brought a total of 10 friends instead! Of those 10 friends, there was one whom I personally invited. He was a Sec 1 boy and despite only knowing him on that same day, I felt led to ask what were his plans in the evening and when he said that he was free, I invited him to join us for Emerge. To my surprise, he did not hesitate at all, and was even enthusiastic about it when I shared with him what Emerge is about. This made me realise that it is actually very easy to reach out to youths, and I remember telling my helper “see, inviting new friend is as simple as opening your mouth to just ask!” That night, the boy that I reached out to accepted Christ into His heart and enjoyed himself thoroughly!

A month later, I planned an outreach event to Sentosa and got my members to invite their friends who had joined us for Emerge. Although only 3 members could make it, they brought a total of 13 friends! Praise God!

For July’s Emerge conference, even though I was studying overseas and was not around for Emerge, I am really thankful to God because a total of 22 friends joined us that weekend!! Praise God! And of the 22 friends, 4 of them have been integrated into our cell group!

Karuna Testimony

In September, 11 friends came to join us for Emerge night, and all of them got saved! Of the 11, 2 secondary school boys were personally brought by me, and they have also been fully integrated into the cell group! I really believe that God can use even us leaders, to reach out to the lost youths!

I am thankful to God that my members are soul-winners, and are bold to go all out to invite their friends too!

Jesus says, “The harvest truly is plentiful, but the labourers are few.” I just want to encourage all of us here tonight, especially if you feel discouraged seeing that your CG is still small, and there’s no growth. Don’t give up! Keep praying to the Lord of the harvest, and keep encouraging your members to reach out, because there are many youths out there who are hungry and searching for God!