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CityFamilies (CF) champions the focus on family life in City Harvest Church, helping to equip and empower members in all stages of life—from singlehood to marriage; to building strong families and inculcating godly values to the next generation.

CF Connexion

As part of CityFamilies, CF Connexion provides a platform for singles to connect with like-minded Christian individuals who are seeking to grow in their faith and make full use of their God-given talents and abilities to serve God’s kingdom purpose.

Singleness is a vital season for preparation and growth—“growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ” (2 Peter 3:18). Hosting empowering life sessions, interactive activities and a series of personal growth workshops, CF Connexion creates opportunities for singles to engage and participate in community life, with the purpose of finding and building meaningful friendships and connections.

CF Marriage

CF Marriage focuses on helping couples who are preparing for marriage, as well as those who are already married.

Happily Ever After is our pre-marriage preparation workshop. In these sessions, we aim to help couples understand the dynamics of a Christian marriage. We also address important topics relating to the roles of husband and wife, in-laws, sex, communication and finances. Couples will learn how to understand each other, manage one’s expectations, and build a strong foundation in the early years of marriage leading to a fulfilling partnership for life.

CF Marriage also seeks to revitalise and strengthen marriages. This is done through our annual Faith, Hope & Love Couple Retreat. Couples will be guided on how to renew their commitment, work through present issues, re-establish common ground, and develop effective communication skills with each other.

Married couples can rediscover each other, find restoration and recommit their love to each other. We pray that with the help of the Lord, the spark of romance will be reignited and lasting love can be restored in every marriage.

CF Parents

CF Parents helps married couples transition into family life, from preparing for a newborn with the Pregnancy 101 workshop, to raising Christ-centred children with parenting workshops. CF Parents conducts relevant and vital parenting workshops on how to build faith at home, deal with growth transitions, sexuality and media management. This is done with a mission of enabling parents to raise godly and resilient children.

Our Empowering Single Parents Network (ESPN) provides a community and support for single parents and their children.