Churchwide Bible Study
The Book of

1 Corinthians

The Book of 1 Corinthians was written in a season when the church was in open rebellion and questioning Apostle Paul from every angle. Yet in spite of the heartache, Paul gave theological answers to these issues ranging from immorality, relationship with fellow believers, conduct in church, marriage, celibacy—practically every situation faced by urban churches today. In fact, Corinthians is one of the easiest epistles to apply to our lives. It is so valuable because we find ourselves struggling with these very same problems in life.

This church-wide Bible study on the book of 1 Corinthians will make the Word of God alive as we gain insight to Paul’s relationship with the Corinthian church—from heartbreak to correction; from brokenness to divine comfort.

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Professor Doug Petersen is the Co-Director of Graduate Studies at Vanguard University and one of the foremost New Testament scholars and Pentecostal leaders in the world today.

Professor Doug and his wife Myrna founded Latin American Childcare (now known as ChildHope) to help children born into poverty. In four decades, they started 300 schools in 20 countries throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, providing education for more than 2 million children from very poor backgrounds.


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